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12 Days of FiiiTmas

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

It just wouldn't be the same without adding some festive fun to your training plans , and what better way than our 12 Days of FiiiTmas.

How many of you will be using up annual leave over the holidays to make time for plans and taking a seat on the sofa to relax, saying "I'll train later"? 🤔

Let's be honest, later never arrives. It can be difficult to stay on top of your health and fitness during a busy period full of fun and indulgence, so we've made it easy to stay on track with our 12 Days of FiiiTmas home workout.

Keep active with us this Christmas! 👇

12 Days of FiiiTmas

The idea is to add a new exercise to each day finishing with 12 exercises on the 12th day. The number of repetitions or the length of time you do the exercise increases each day too


To find out how HubFiiiT can support your company's wellbeing plan, visit our webpage - 🔗

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