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Benefits of Journaling

Updated: Nov 20, 2022


What does journaling mean to you? Life can be extremely overwhelming at times, therefore having a healthy way to express yourself will certainly help with your well-being. Checkout some of the benefits of journaling below:


Journaling is a great way for you to control your emotions, allowing you to identify your fears or concerns that may be causing you anxiety. Research shows that journaling for 15 mins a day three days a week has increased feelings of well-being.


Journaling is a great way to escape negative thoughts, therefore, serving as an emotional release helping to reduce stress and avoiding burnout. Studies link writing privately about stressful events and capturing thoughts and emotions on paper with decreased mental distress.


We all set ourselves goals, however, how often do we actually write those goals on paper and revisit them every day? Studies show that writing down your goals increases your chances of achieving what you set out.

Creating a routine for journaling is going to be important. Although journaling may seem like a chore at first, taking time away from all distractions and focusing on yourself for 15 mins a day is the best thing you can do for yourself.


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