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Festive Office Fun 🎄

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Is your office in full festive spirit?

Don't panic if not, there's plenty of time to add some festive cheer 🎅🏻

December is a month packed full of social gatherings, last minute shopping dashes, and lets not forget, ample amounts of food and drink. Christmas is meant to be a time for happiness and relaxation, however, it does come with its pressures, and for some this can be a very stressful time. 88% of workers believe holidays are the most stressful time of the year, with a staggering 84% of people confirming their stress starts as early as November!

At a time when emotions are running high, and your to do-list is never ending, we're here to share our top tips on increasing employee morale and creating a great office environment over the festive season.

Decorate the office

This has to be top of the list and our top tip. It really does add the spirit of Christmas and is a great team building exercise, as everyone can get involved decorating, even remote workers can join in, by setting a day that everyone is in the office.

Secret Santa

Definitely a classic, and brings so much joy around the office. Keep in mind not everyone will have a big budget, so setting a limit is a great starting point.


If there is one thing that is a must, it has to be recognising staff for all their hard efforts throughout the year. This year has been extremely challenging, so what better way to finish the year on a high by appreciating your most important assets, your employees. Something like a thank you card, a personalised E-Card, or a morning coffee, so simple, yet so effective, and thoughtful.

Organise office event

It may be worth asking employees what it is they would like to do, rather than organising a

party that some may feel apprehensive about attending. Remember, this is for staff to enjoy after all.

Christmas quiz

Yes, it maybe a working day, however it doesn't stop you from having fun, after all, it is the festive season. One of our favourite activities is a Christmas Quiz. Set the ambience, put the Do not disturb on, lay the snacks out and have some festive cheer. Great way to get the whole team involved and working together, for employees that may be from different departments.

Annual Leave

Encourage employees to take annual leave to rest and recharge. 59% of people describe their holiday season as "chaotic", so this is a perfect time for employees to enjoy time off, helping reduce any stresses over the festive season.


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