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Your Mental Health, Your Way: The Benefits of Personalisation

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Finding the right mental health counsellor is critical for your journey to wellness. However, with the various types of counselling available and factors to consider, it can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Which is why we are thrilled to announce our new personalised Mental Health feature.

We are now able to provide members with access to personalised mental health therapy. Our easy to use mental health platform matches people to the right counsellor so they can feel better faster.

  • Access to a network of hundreds of accredited counsellors ready to help

  • An easy to use counsellor matching process, ensuring people always get the right support Quick and simple booking of counselling sessions

  • Timely email reminders before sessions begin

  • Secure online therapy via our virtual therapy room

Mental health is an essential aspect of our lives that we must prioritise just as much as our physical health. Paying attention to our mental wellbeing helps us cope with stress, depression, and anxiety, among other mental health challenges. One of the best ways to stay on top of your mental health is by finding the right mental health counsellor.

Why Finding the Right Mental Health Counselor is Essential

Mental health is a sensitive issue and requires a personal approach with a mental health counsellor. Research has shown that seeking professional help can help manage symptoms. However, many people have trouble finding the right counselor to help them with their journey to recovery. We share some reasons why finding the right mental health counsellor is essential.

Understanding the Importance of a Good Therapist-Patient Relationship

A good mental health counsellor-patient relationship is key to an effective mental health journey. There are many different approaches to mental health counselling, with some counsellors using cognitive behavior therapy, while others use art therapy or mindfulness. However, the type of therapy is not the binding factor; it is the relationship built between the counselor and the patient.

When you form a good therapeutic relationship with your counsellor, it becomes easier to open up to them and follow their recommendations without feeling judged. A good mental health counsellor is someone you can trust and have an ongoing, comfortable relationship with.

The Benefits of Customised Therapy

Customised therapy refers to a mental health approach that is tailored to suit the needs of a particular individual. As opposed to standardised therapy, where everyone is given the same treatment plan, customised therapy takes into account a patient's unique needs, past experiences and preferences. Here are some benefits of customised therapy.

How Personalised Therapy Can Improve Your Mental Health Journey

Customised therapy can improve the mental health journey in several ways. Firstly, personalised therapy acknowledges that every mental health challenge requires a unique solution. When you have a therapist who is tailored to your needs, they are more likely to understand your specific issues and provide you with the best advice possible.

Let's not forget, customised therapy also helps with engagement in the therapy process. When patients feel involved in the process of crafting a treatment plan, it's easier to understand and follow through with the various stages of therapy.

Finally, personalised therapy increases the odds of success. A study found that customised therapy for depression and anxiety issues was more effective in reducing the symptoms in patients than general counselling.

Finding Your Perfect Mental Health Counselor

Finding the ideal mental health counsellor can be quite challenging. Research shows that approximately 60% of people who initiate therapy leave before completing treatment. However, the good news is that with personalised therapy, more people are staying on for the required timeline, with one study indicating that it improves retention by 7%.

How Our Customised Therapy Feature Can Help You Find The Right Counselor For You

Our customised therapy feature helps individuals find a mental health counsellor who is precise to their needs. Here's how it works. Firstly, the feature requires users to fill out a short questionnaire. After that, we match individuals with a counsellor who best suits their needs, allowing you to have in person and over the phone/teams sessions.

Once matched, you have access to the counsellor's availability and can book a therapy session that suits your schedule. With our customised therapy feature, it is easy to find the perfect mental health counselor for you! *Additional fee's apply

Benefits of Using Our Customised Therapy Feature

There are several benefits that come with using our customised therapy feature. Here are some of them.


The customised therapy feature allows patients to receive therapy sessions from the comfort of wherever they are. All that they need is a reliable internet connection, and they can connect with their mental health counselor from anywhere in the world. This is especially helpful for patients who have trouble commuting to therapy centers.

Increased Communication

The customised therapy feature increases communication between the therapist and the patient. It provides a quick link between the patient and their therapist, eliminating the challenges of missed appointments, late rescheduling or cancellation fees.


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