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Recovery 101

Is a rest day enough for recovery?

Lifting weights comes with many benefits, the list is endless, however, it does also come with some challenges, such as DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness), and with so many methods that help accelerate recovery, some with a price tag, Coach Justine discusses her top tips which help aid recovery, the importance of recovery and the benefits.

Resistance training causes a need for our bodies to receive optimal recovery to ensure we are promoting muscle growth and reduce muscle soreness. The recovery process can last for a few days, even longer than a week, overlapping with your next workout, therefore taking steps to aid recovery is key.

Signs that may be an indicator your recovery needs attention:

🟡Excessive soreness and stiffness

🟡Fatigue and brain fog

🟡Low motivation to exercise

🟡Poor sleep

Pinpointing the exact reason for a lack of recovery can be hard, so let's see what measures we can take to aid optimal recovery:

🧘🏼‍♀️Stretching & mobility: Practicing a mobility routine pre workout can help you mobilise your joints and prevent injury. Feeding blood into the muscles and mobilising joints prior to lifting can really help you get the most out of your session. Static stretching is amazing after a workout too

🌱Protein: Getting enough protein for your body weight is going to help recovery. When we exercise, we create tiny micro tears in the muscles. By optimising our protein intake we're helping that protein synthesis along and helping the muscles repair and grow

💧Hydration: Hydration is key! Hydrating enough will help protein synthesis and in turn help you repair muscle tissue. It also helps the synovial fluid around your joints which keeps them lubricated and pain free. It’s also going to help flush out any toxins from the body

🏋🏼‍♀️Training plan: Training the same muscle group too frequently or not allowing time to recover can not only be detrimental to your gains but also can leave your body feeling like it’s been hit by a train. Allow muscles to recover between sessions before returning to train that same muscle group. You will certainly know if you have pushed it too hard. Having an individualised This is where proper programming can help to ensure you are not switching it up too often and not progressing at all and so that you have time to adapt to certain movements

💤Sleep: Dialling in on sleep is going to help you recover and repair, it is also vital for decreasing stress on the body and mind, and your immune system does most of its work when resting. I sometimes use supplements to help me sleep


Reach out to Coach Justine via the app to connect and ask any questions


Sleep supplement:

Coach Justine mentioned sleep supplements and we wanted to share our one of our recommendations - Our partner Suppology - Recover CBD Oil.

CBD, a therapeutic compound found in cannabis plants, can help to boost performance and reduce physical strain. It has many physical, psychological, and biochemical effects that can benefit both professional and amateur athletes. Don’t worry it’s 100% legal and won’t get you high!

Reduced Inflammation Research demonstrates that CBD has significant potential in terms of limiting inflammation, and has shown to be specifically effective in dealing with various types of pain.

Muscle Relaxation CBD acts as a potent natural muscle relaxant. It helps with GABA-A receptors to promote relaxation. Low GABA levels have been linked not just to soreness, but also to muscle spasms and cramps. Regulating GABA production alleviates these problems

Improve Sleep Using CBD to enhance sleep is very common and research suggests it can also improve sleep, promoting a great nights sleep


All tips and tricks can be found on our communityHUB.

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