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Recovery is Key

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

More sessions in the gym means more gains... Wait, what, let me read that again!

Yes, you read this right, and yes this is incorrect. To understand the full benefits of recovery and the importance, we must first understand the effects of exercise on our body.

If you aren't aware, when you train, you are essentially breaking and stretching the muscle.

The microscopic tears in the muscle tissue from exercise disrupt the muscle cell organelles. This disruption activates satellite cells from outside the muscle fibers, which rush to the area of damage. These cells replicate, mature into grown cells and fuse to your muscle fibers. This is why fitness experts will most often suggest strength training/weightlifting over cardio if you’re looking to get stronger and lean out Sounds a very strenuous process on your body, when you read it, however, this is where RECOVERY steps in a plays a vital role in restoring our body!

So what is recovery?

Recovery is the process where the body heals, grows and rests, from the tension of the muscle tissue tearing. Recovery can take a few days, to a maybe a week, however, one of the main remedies for recovery is sleep! Along with this great free remedy, you also have some amazing products, like CBD Muscles balms, and devises like massage guns to help the process.

As well as taking the time to recover, there is an important part that also goes hand in hand, yes, you guessed right, nutrition. To ensure our body is fully functioning, especially if we are actively exercising, ensuring our body is fuelled with the right macronutrients is essential.

Make sure you get an adequate amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Your body demands all three to function properly, especially right after you have put your body through the stress of a workout, aim to get some protein and carbs in sooner rather than later. Remember, your car wont run without fuel, your body is the same!

Why is sleep so important for recovery?

Neuroscientist Dr. Walker had been quoted as saying, “sleep is probably the greatest legal performance-enhancing drug that few are abusing enough”

The fact is, it is impossible to perform, recover, and grow without adequate sleep. Everything in the body (soft tissues, neural tissues – including brain and CNS) must recover after intense training. Numerous studies have indicated that people require proper sleep for optimal cognitive, motor, and physiological functions (Morris, Aeschbach, & Scheer, 2012). NASM

Proper sleep can influence the body's response to stress and nutrition. The body releases hormones that are vital to recovery at night, one being he human growth hormone (HGH). Some have indicated that prior researchers have found a “growth hormone surge” that occurred about every two-hours during prolonged sleep. Growth hormone acts on many tissues to help promote healing, recovery, and growth, but it also helps to raise other hormones vital to recovery, such as insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1).

Lets not forget Blood flow. When the body doesn’t get enough rest, the secretion of this growth hormone declines, and it can become harder for your body to recover from injuries.

Studies demonstrate that sleep is incredibly complex and has effects on virtually all systems of the body. Multiple parts of the brain are involved in the processes of producing hormones and chemicals that regulate sleep and wakefulness.

So what products help aid recovery?

Here at HubFiiiT we really promote Cannabidiol, CBD as it is known, for the amazing benefits it has on the mind and body. CBD, a therapeutic compound found in cannabis plants, can help to boost performance and reduce physical strain. It has many physical, psychological, and biochemical effects that can benefit everyone!

REDUCE INFLAMMATION Inflammation is painful. It can also be a serious barrier to physical training and performance. Recent research has shown that CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory agent.

MUSCLE RELAXATION CBD acts as a potent natural muscle relaxant. It helps with GABA-A receptors to promote relaxation. Low GABA levels have been linked not just to soreness, but also to muscle spasms and cramps. Regulating GABA production alleviates these problems.

IMPROVE SLEEP Many athletes use CBD to help them get better sleep at night. It lowers stress hormones that can interfere with sleep cycles, reduces anxiety, and balances your circadian rhythm. - Suppology


If you need any help with CBD products, give our great friends at Suppology a shout - Don't forget your whopping 20% Discount too!

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