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Wellness At Work

Does your company know what are the most important well-being concerns you have?

Businesses with more engaged employees because the company offers wellbeing support reported almost 40% less absenteeism and 65% lower staff turnover.

Recognising what employees want is key to implementing any successful wellness strategy. Wellness programmes are designed to encourage healthier habits within the workplace - when employees are healthier at work, they are also happier and more productive.

Is it time to identified your wellness programme for 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟯?

We can offer you a comprehensive audit so that you can understand exactly where your programme is currently at; its strengths and its weaknesses.

This will allow you to not only make quick adjustments to benefit your company in the short term but identify a clear long-term plan to get and keep your employees fit for work 💪

Unfortunately a one-size fits all approach is not the answer, with 32% of women seeing intimidation as the biggest barrier to joining a gym, and 25% felt too unfit to consider signing up to a gym.

The significant changes to the workplace landscape in the last few years has demanded a

significant change to wellness programmes in order to support employees. The HubFiiiT app is designed for sustainability so that you have the assurance that you can meet the needs of every employee, regardless of experience or working environment, to ensure that they can achieve and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.


To find out how HubFiiiT can support your company's wellbeing plan, visit our webpage - or email us:

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