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Workout Spotlight

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Each month we will be shining a spot light on different training methods, techniques and equipment.

This month we are shinning a light on TRX.

So what is TRX...

For those that aren't too familiar - TRX is an adjustable suspension trainer, suitable for novice exercisers to advanced athletes, meaning all programs can be modified to fit all fitness levels. The variety of exercises are endless with TRX, with progression inevitable, making our spotlight workout a standout for home and gym sessions. You can find TRX Upper and TRX Lower on the HomeHUB and GymHUB workout sections within the app.

It helps build a strong core!

No matter what movement it may be, our core will be the main driver in that function, after all, our core is what supports the whole body. With that said, when using TRX , you have to engage your core as you leverage your own bodyweight as resistance!

Can be set up ANYWHERE!

TRX are super convenient, you're able to pack them up in their carry bag, pop them in your bag and take them to the park, on holiday, at home, and even at the gym.

Lets finish on why TRX and Functional training is great

Firstly, studies have shown TRX training to be an effective way to build muscle, strength, improve stability, and cardiovascular health, it also found that TRX training produces similar muscle and strength adaptions as traditional weight lifting. Less dumbbell, more bodyweight!

You can checkout this helpful TRX article on Functional Training


You can find TRX fitness on demand workouts via the app as well as pre-designed programs to follow. Reach out to us if you would like any advice or tips on TRX workouts.

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