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Last updated 16/06/2024 


HubFiiiT Account Deletion Policy

This policy outlines the process for users of the HubFiiiT app to permanently delete their accounts and all associated personal data. HubFiiiT is committed to ensuring users have an easy and straightforward way to remove their data from our system.

How to Delete Your Account and Personal Data

1. Accessing the Deletion Feature

  • Location: Users can find the account deletion feature within the app under "My Profile".

  • Navigation: Login to your HubFiiiT account, go to "My Profile", and select the "Delete Profile" button.

2. Permanent Deletion
 Action: Clicking the "Delete Profile" button will initiate the permanent deletion process of your HubFiiiT account and all personal data associated with it.

  • Note: HubFiiiT does not offer temporary deactivation or disablement options. The deletion is permanent and irreversible.

3. Process and Timeline

  • Immediate Action: Once the "Delete Profile" button is clicked, the deletion process will begin immediately.

  • Completion Time: The account will be deleted within 24 hours. All personal data associated with the account will also be permanently deleted within 24 hours of the deletion request.

Important Information

Confirmation: After initiating the deletion, users will receive a confirmation email that the deletion process has started.
Data Removal: All personal data, including any saved preferences, workout histories, and other personal information, will be permanently removed from our servers.
Irreversibility: Please note that once the deletion process is completed, it cannot be undone. Users will need to create a new account if they wish to use the HubFiiiT app in the future.

Contact Information
For any queries or assistance regarding the deletion process, please contact HubFiiiT support at:
Customer Service: +44 7507 917656

HubFiiiT is dedicated to protecting user privacy and ensuring that our users have control over their personal data. We strive to make this process as transparent and straightforward as possible.


287A Fleet Road


GU51 3BZ

Company Number: 1257605

Effective Date: 16/06/2024

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