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Focus point

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Starting any new journey can be daunting.

From the very moment you think of taking that first step, you are committing to achieving something for yourself, giving yourself a goal, not wanting to fail, or let yourself down on your new journey!

Are you doing this journey for you? Are you enjoying the journey you are on?

This month, Coach Justine shares her focus point:

"Your adherence to a new program, whether that is starting a new exercise program, nutrition program, trying to meditate more and or manage your mental health, is reliant on enjoyment and authenticity.

If it is authentic to you, aligns with your personal values and you enjoy your workouts, nutrition and meditation, you are therefore likely to adhere better to it.

If you are taking on a lifestyle change just because your colleague from the office has done so, this lacks authenticity, therefore you're less likely to enjoy and adhere this is because you are not intrinsically motivated."


You can find all our wellbeing tips within the app to support your wellness journey. Reach out via the communityHUB to speak with the team and members for more tips.

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